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Chocolate Moulding Plant

We build moulding plants capable of producing a wide range of products, from tablets to filled chocolates, which can be configured in multiple ways to best meet customer needs.

The plants can be configured with the following components:

  • Traditional and One-Shot depositor machines
  • Horizontal and vertical refrigerators
  • Nuts depositators
  • Tilting systems for shell creation
  • Demolding area of various types

The plants can also be equipped with other components at the specific request of the customer.
The plants can be achieved by integrating reconditioned machines of any brand with the components of new construction to best fit any production requirement and cost.
All the plants are controlled by PLC and moved by step-by-step motors.
The entire management of facilities is via touch screen control panel that lets you the complete control of parameters.
For electrical, pipes and operating software we rely on highly skilled and specialized partners with whom we have a long collaboration.

The whole plant is made according to applicable law under the aspect of safety and delivered complete with use and maintenance manuals.


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