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One-Shot Depositor Machine

The Bi.Mac. One-Shot Depositor Machine is designed for casting in a single time both the shell and the filling contained in it.
The product for the shell and that for the stuffing are palced separately in the two higher tanks. Two gear pumps, controlled by step-by-step motors, calibrates the flow of the product with precision. A PLC with touch-screen controller allows to adjust the precise time of casting and back.
This method allows you to carry out certain types of products more quickly and economically.

We also create a second version of the one-shot depositor machine equipped by pistons in place of the gears.
The movement of pistons is always controlled by a step-by-step motor controlled by PLC with touch-screen. The piston machine, thanks to the ability to remove the pistons that are not necessary, allows for greater flexibility and precision.


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