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Wrapping machine SIG model CK

Machine origin: Customer

Wrapping SIG model CK supplied from the Customer and completely overhalued according to the normal review cycle BI.MAC. with the following procedures and additional features:

- External painting based on Customer request.
- Interior painting with oil resistant paint.
- Complete replacement of the cams shafts and bushing.
- Burnishing treatment on the cams.
- Replacement of rails and linear support.
- Electroless nickel plating of all the components that allow it.
- Application of the hot glue system supplied by the customer and controlled by PLC with sensor.
- Control system of the wrapping through PLC and Touch Screen Panel SIEMENS.
- New safety guards.
- N° 2 size set, completely new, made according to the specifications from the customer (Tablets and Bars products).
- New manual of use and maintenance.


Wrapping machine SIG CK
BEFORE overhauling

Wrapping machine SIG CK

Wrapping machine SIG CK
overhauled (Back view)
Control panel
Wrapping tray detail
Cams detail

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