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luned́, 18 febbraio 2019

Overhauled Machines

BI.MAC. company overhaul, reconstructs and change machines for more than 30 years.

A close and constant relationship, with the most important machines manufacturers in the confectionery sector, gives us the knowledge essential for carrying out the overhaul of each machine.
The constant collaboration, with the main producers of the confectionery sector, provides us with the necessary experience to understand and meet the most important needs of our customers.

The overhaul cycle takes place through the following steps:

  • Complete dismantling of the machine.
  • Washing the components.
  • Sandblasting of the components that require it.
  • Verification of all the components of the machine.
  • Repair, reconstruction or replacement of components which require it.
  • Painting or chemical coating.
  • Assembling of the machine executed with all the necessary adjustments.
  • Adaptation of security systems to the actual law.
  • Building of a completely new electrical system with control panel.
  • Creation of manual of use and maintenance and of all necessary documentation.

The result of this process is a machine, that for reliability and operation, that can be compared to a new machine just exit from the factory.

We are also able to review machines supplied by the customer doing at the same time all the necessary changes requested.

Among the major brands overhalued from us there are: 
Carle&Montanari, Werner&Pflederer, Buhler, Bauermeister, Sollich, Barth, Kreuter, Probat, Haas, Aasted, Hebenstreit, Otto Hansel, Sig, Hamac-Hansella, Sapal, Oka Otto-Kremmling, Gd e Theegarten.

At the page Overhauled machine list Is possible to find the overahuled machine acaviable in our storehouse.

Following a selection of the most important machines overhalued from us:

Mulino BMP-4


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