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Conche CARLE & MONTANARI model R4 overhauled

Machine origin: Warehouse BI.MAC.

Conche CARLE & MONTANARI model R4 coming from the warehouse BI.MAC. and completely overhauled according to the normal review cycle BI.MAC. with the following procedures and additional features:

- New double jacket main pool made in welded steel.
- Pool bottom modified with application of copper pipes for heating.
- New internal spinning cone system with new transmission system to replace the old one.
- Internal screaper movement system modified with the application of a worm gear speed reducer.
- Rectify of the internal sotone cone done from a specialized company.
- Stainless steel poll cover with inspection door and areation grid for better process, safety and cleaning.
- Autonomous heating plant applied directly on the side of the conche and controlled from thermoregulator.
- Main engine driven from a frequency converter to change the working speed of the conche.
- New basement made in welded steel to allow a better movimentation of the machine.



Conche overhauled
Control panel side

Conche overhauled
Heating plant side
Conche overhauled
Internl screaper transmission side
Old internal spinning cone system
BEFORE overhauling

New spinning cone system build
from us complete of transmission

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