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Ball Mill WIENER model Attritor 100S

Machine origin: Warehouse BI.MAC.

Ball mill WIENER model ATTRITOR coming from the warehouse BI.MAC. and completely overhauled according to the normal review cycle BI.MAC. with the following procedures and additional features:

- Modify of the main tank to allow the output of the product from the top.
- Building of a new agitator shaft made in hardened antiswear steel.
- Building of a new ball block grid made in stainless steel.
- Building of new scraper produced made in stainless steel.
- Building of a new product exit hopper made in stainless steel and heated and cooled by double jacket.
- Construction of a new autonomous plant for heating and cooling the main tank and the collection hopper.
- Implementation of pool level control system through optical sensor.


Ball Mill BEFORE

Ball Mill Overhauled
Product exit hopper side

Ball Mill Ovehauled
Heating/Cooling connection side
Shaft transmission joint
Ball block grid and screaper
Water Heating/Cooling system

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