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luned́, 18 febbraio 2019

About Us

BI.MAC. s.r.l. is a company manufacturing, commercializing and specialized in overhauling machine for the food industry and particularly in the sweet machineries field, for more than thirty years. We produce machines and equipment at the request of the customer and have also provided an inventory of used machines that we can review in our factory, providing clients with a product as new and covered under warranty. Often, customers rely on us their own machines aware of finding accurate care and quality of work that results from a ten-year experience, gained in production facilities with prepared and experts production technicians.

BI.MAC. is located on an area of 11,000. smq with a covered area of 3,500 sqm. The modern factory has complete equipment consists of machine tools of all kinds, sander with beads of glass, ceramic and stainless steel, corrections and advanced welding. In addition to this BI.MAC. collaborate with qualified suppliers for the construction of metal, for the manufacture of laser or water cutting, for shaping sheet metal and metal working with numerical control. The drawings are made with a computer station in a CAD drawing.

Presumption and improvisation are not available in our vision of the work, so if you'll ask us offers, compare us with major manufacturers, evaluate the offer, but do not ask us to do things hastily. Leave us time to reflect and evaluate and see that in the end you can say these words: "an cheap alternative and excellent quality there will be, we have an offer, we try to investigate the issue with the BI.MAC".

You will come to you, or maybe you'll be you and if in the end you decide to not serve of us, let us, in any case, the pleasure of having known and the certainty that it will be for next time.
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Tel.: +39 (0)523 768511
Fax: +39 (0)523 760681

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